Is an extra two years of student finance a good motive to do a masters?

YES. OUI. SI. This sounds horrendously bad but I wont lie in saying that this was one of my first thoughts when considering to do a masters. I mean we're never really gunna pay it back to what's the harm in racking up some more heavily interested debts eh? I think I may actually have... Continue Reading →

Finishing uni and purple hair

FINALLY THE DAY HAS COME - I survived uni - hopefully with a first but I am just happy to have made it this far. No more dissertation. amen. SO..uni talk is over, no more ranting blog posts for meh (until I find something else in which to rant about which I'm sure will come... Continue Reading →

I’m enjoying a fresh face

Through a mixture of having no money to buy makeup (#savethestudent) and generally no time or effort I have been sporting the naked face for about a month now. I have to say life is much better when we're tanned, I'm not a blemish or spot sufferer but blow me I'm white, sometimes so white... Continue Reading →

Fresh start

So first let me apologize for my lack of postage - I have one month left of uni and then I'll be back to spamming your feeds with endless rants. The start to this year has be one amazing, hectic stress ball and although I am nearly done, I have learnt so much about how... Continue Reading →

It’s the end of an era

I have reached that wonderful, yet painstaking time of my life. I have four months left at uni, FOUR – what’s my excuse for getting unexplainably drunk on a Tuesday, eating nothing but pasta from a saucepan and being flat out broke? That’s right I no longer do *sigh.  I feel like I have been... Continue Reading →

MOM jeans – hells yes

I'm sure we've all seen the new fashion trend of the 'mom' jeans and when i first saw them i was not sold at all. like, just no. BUT i tried a pair on a few months ago and i literally eat my words. I have never found a more fitting and flattering pair of... Continue Reading →

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