Life is like a box of chocolates – all sweet until someone gets coffee (ew)

Let me first just start this by telling you how long this post is taking me - firstly I am using my boyfriends Mac when I am one of those people still trapped in the 90`s when it comes to technology and 2 - his keyboard is set up in Swiss German format, to give... Continue Reading →

It’s the end of an era

I have reached that wonderful, yet painstaking time of my life. I have four months left at uni, FOUR – what’s my excuse for getting unexplainably drunk on a Tuesday, eating nothing but pasta from a saucepan and being flat out broke? That’s right I no longer do *sigh.  I feel like I have been... Continue Reading →

Come get embarrassed with me

SOOO, I have finally uploaded my first YouTube video and instead of doing a normal 'get to know me' long asss video I decided to transport you back with me to the start of December where I will share all of my videos on my snapchat story. Be warned, some are too cringe that I ... Continue Reading →

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