Drunkenly trying to explain Cockney to an Italian

Lets just start this little blog with a bit of background information as the title is, well not quite your normal Tuesday lets all watch British Bake off evening (This actually just reminded me that the Bake off is on this evening and I have some what cheered up #bringbackmaryb). This conversation took place at... Continue Reading →

Connect avec moi woopwoop

I want to get to know you all! please follow my Instagram if you have an account. Sometimes i post interesting things, sometimes its just mirror selfies but hey DONNA CARES. Come join the sass train. kateking.x

It’s the end of an era

I have reached that wonderful, yet painstaking time of my life. I have four months left at uni, FOUR – what’s my excuse for getting unexplainably drunk on a Tuesday, eating nothing but pasta from a saucepan and being flat out broke? That’s right I no longer do *sigh.  I feel like I have been... Continue Reading →

Come get embarrassed with me

SOOO, I have finally uploaded my first YouTube video and instead of doing a normal 'get to know me' long asss video I decided to transport you back with me to the start of December where I will share all of my videos on my snapchat story. Be warned, some are too cringe that I ... Continue Reading →

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