A day in the life of Kate, Help us all.

First let me set the scene of my life right now - Its currently 3am, I have been working on my dissertation since midday and have achieved a staggering 700 words, I have eaten everything but not quite managed to eat an actual meal - I tend to opt for the just eat the individual... Continue Reading →

Tinder vs Bumble vs dating in general (They all freak me out)

I have never been one for the dating apps for multiple reasons but specifically speaking I 1 - have been a fan of the show catfish and I'm now fully concerned that sexy, 24 year old, male doctor from London is in actual fact a 67, overweight, ex-offender from Romford (no offence to Romford, my... Continue Reading →

I’m enjoying a fresh face

Through a mixture of having no money to buy makeup (#savethestudent) and generally no time or effort I have been sporting the naked face for about a month now. I have to say life is much better when we're tanned, I'm not a blemish or spot sufferer but blow me I'm white, sometimes so white... Continue Reading →

Fresh start

So first let me apologize for my lack of postage - I have one month left of uni and then I'll be back to spamming your feeds with endless rants. The start to this year has be one amazing, hectic stress ball and although I am nearly done, I have learnt so much about how... Continue Reading →

Connect avec moi woopwoop

I want to get to know you all! please follow my Instagram if you have an account. Sometimes i post interesting things, sometimes its just mirror selfies but hey DONNA CARES. Come join the sass train. kateking.x

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