About Me

Well hello there, nice to see you’ve taken the time to check out my blog, or stumbled across it by complete mistake – in which case i’m no Zoella but more of a Camden, slightly rougher around the edges approach.

I have just turned 21 and am in my final few months of studying Events Management at a London University..hopefully to graduate in April, we emphasise the hope, i mean..no ones perfect. Although living in London, i am a born and raised Essex girl who lives her life telling people she’s from ‘just outside of London’ – yet with every vodka cranberry the accent becomes a little too much to hide.

I am your average 21 year old, who can sometimes be a princess having a mare over eyelash glue; or i can also be the girl to wander to Tesco at 3pm wearing Despicable Me pjs..with absolutely no shame – i mean we’ve all done it..right? I love a good laugh, a good drink and a lot of sass – #shouttomyex what?

I will posting a little bit of everything, little trials and errors to see whats popular and just give a little insert into my daily life, because i’m just that interesting, aha…


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