Health is no joke – I almost ended up like Britney 08′ (going bald not the breakdown, yet)

Sorry for my recent absence I have been horrendously busy – too busy – reason why I’m going bald busy. Yeeeeeh, I know.

It has come at quite a surprise to me that only a few months ago I had all the free time in the world; graduated from uni, was working normal hours (well when I say normal, I mean for a pub..yes all you hospitality employees out there feel me). However, fast forward 4 months and my life has taken such a drastic turn in business I am actually going BALD. Now as much as I do joke about situations like this, because, well positivity and all that jazz, it has actually been quite a horrific ordeal that I’m still recovering from.


I have recently started a 9-5 internship (unpaid of course because you need 700 hours of work experience and 19 degrees to get anywhere in life) in a dream position, however I do have rent, bills, council tax – that old chestnut, so I am having to still work evenings and weeks as a supervisor at a pub. This means I am averaging 70-hour weeks with some days waking up at 7am and getting into bed at around 2am, every day with no day off. This is without mentioning the fact I am also ATTEMPTING to complete a master’s degree and keep some form of a social life going.

NOW my little chickens, if you listen to one piece of advice from me ever in your life DO NOT TAKE ON THIS MUCH. I have very supportive parents who without hesitation offered to help me with my rent so that I can quit my pub job or at least drastically cut down my hours – which in the end I have, but I’m stubborn and independent so didn’t take this help at first. I noticed my hair began thinning around Christmas time (I started this crazy routine the start of December) – by the time it got to January I have a noticeably large patch of scalp showing and my hair is dry, breaking and just looks pretty shit. At this point I am panicking I have alopecia or some form of hair issue where its permanent and I’m gunna end up going bald. Which some of you girls can rock, but it’s not quite the look I was going for.

My hair loss was not the only part of me that began to struggle, I also experienced noticeable weight loss, I am already a tiny human being at the ripe old height of 5ft2 and I used to weigh around 8stone and now I’m around 6.5 WHICH IS WAY TOO THIN ima blow over in the wind.

Putting all this shyte together it also knocked my self-confidence as really who wants to be a bald skeleton? I mean if you do then, well, yay for being an individual. I began being so stressed about everything and having to be in certain places at certain times EVERYDAY I just began not wanting to do anything, started turning up late like donna care. You also know when you could cry on demand or you have the minor inconvenience and lose your shit? Yeh that was me.

My advice at the end of the day guys is seriously stress is not worth it. If I had left it I know for a fact not only my physical health but also my mental wellbeing would have deteriorated very very very quickly. Let people help you. Say no to doing to much. Have your night in/night out. Look after yourself.

If anyone has any tips on hair growth/putting weight on, please leave a comment below as I need all the help I can get.


THANKS GUYS (don’t worry I’m a bit skinny n a bit bald but I’m still a weirdo)


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