Is an extra two years of student finance a good motive to do a masters?


This sounds horrendously bad but I wont lie in saying that this was one of my first thoughts when considering to do a masters. I mean we’re never really gunna pay it back to what’s the harm in racking up some more heavily interested debts eh?


I think I may actually have a mental issue where I am only programmed to stay within education for all my life. I cant get a job because I’m lacking in about 62 years of experience, and then all of a sudden there’s a new term now called being ‘over qualified’ – an internal what the duck moment? I can’t get any jobs which will actually pay my bills due to lack of experience and I can’t even get a minimum wage job to keep me alive because I’m overqualified. You know the solution? MASTERS DEGREEEEE CAN I GET A HELL (no) YES. Well at least at this rate I can continue to use the ‘it’s okay to be poor and drunk on a Tuesday because I’m a student’ for the rest of my life until I die.


On a positive, university is amazing and we’re all going to be academic successful youths together vibe I am actually excited to be studying digital marketing. Sounds hella boring but its not promise. Anyone reading this who works within marketing hey *wink*


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