A new perspective

After having finished uni and finding myself in some what of a lull patch – no money, no job, lots of debt, wants to travel but needs a job, wants a break – lots of unanswered questions, I have adopted the ‘sod it take each day as it comes’ approach to life (it’s okay the most radical I go is dying my hair purple, I’m not quite the extremest).


Having spent the past three years working ma ar*se off I just want to enjoy life a lil and stop STRESSING. Also side note, is it normal to finish a degree and realise that you want nothing more to do with the subject your studying or is that just me?

I had a little sit down with myself (more like a month long self argument involving multiple bottles of wine) and produced some new life guidelines (i am a preacher now)

  1. You have ONE SHORT LIFE do not spend most of it stressed out about uncontrollable things, success does not necessarily (I spelt that write first time, what has uni done to me?) mean happiness and don’t forget that.
  2. Sadness and stress make you ugly and  no one wants that now do they?



3. Take a step back and look at whats good, trust me you’ll be surprised

4. Don’t let anyone else control your happiness. Rise above it and realise your worth (Boys suck)

giphy (3)

5. Finally, ending on a hella cheesy note, everything does happen for a reason so just sit tight and enjoy it



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