I’m enjoying a fresh face

Through a mixture of having no money to buy makeup (#savethestudent) and generally no time or effort I have been sporting the naked face for about a month now.

I have to say life is much better when we’re tanned, I’m not a blemish or spot sufferer but blow me I’m white, sometimes so white i’m slightly blue? – logical. The thought of going outside with absolutely no makeup on used to be the stuff that nightmares are made of, and now, i tell you what i really couldn’t give a shit. I have no idea whether confidence improves or you just get used to having no makeup on but I’ve began even enjoying pictures of me with no makeup on. I mean i wont lie i still have my bad days where i’m hungover or tired and wake up and its an interesting situation that’s for sure.


If you’re tired of spending money or just wasting life spray painting on brows then join the club. Vaseline is my new fav thing it goes on me lashes, brows and lips n its cheap hoorah. Don’t be afraid to shine that natural face (literally shine cos like no usage of powder or foundation but its cool). Life is too short to clog your face with overly priced chemicals #internationawomensdaynallthat

2 thoughts on “I’m enjoying a fresh face

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  1. YES GIRL! This is an amazing post. #savethestudent might be my favourite hashtag ever. I’m joining the club! I too just kind of grew more comfortable with minimal to no makeup at all the older I got. I think it’s great that you just don’t give a shit (me too girl, me too) – unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. A few years ago it probably wasn’t the case for me either. It’s funny how much things can change. You look gorgeous btw xx

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  2. haha good to hear! – no i was the same for me, i genuinely believe the older you get the less you care, especially when you’re not surrounded by evil teenage girls anymore ahah!. Thank you you too! xx

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