Fresh start

So first let me apologize for my lack of postage – I have one month left of uni and then I’ll be back to spamming your feeds with endless rants.

The start to this year has be one amazing, hectic stress ball and although I am nearly done, I have learnt so much about how to deal with stress and just being happy. Let me put my life into a little perspective for you, last night I got into the shower, realized i was still wearing a bra (first signs of mental breakdown), went to throw the bra over the shower door and it caught on a candle (second sign of mental breakdown) and melted. RIP boux avenue, not like it cost me £40 or anything like that ya know. So after laughing but crying at the same time i realized that something needs to change.

My main thought process was life is meant to be lived, and lived happily. Not scraping by each day stressed, tired and just feeling generally shit. Trust me its just not worth it. Time goes by so quickly that I don’t want to look back at my 20’s and wonder why i was so stressed – i mean don’t blame me the stress is still there, I’m trying to write a dead end dissertation and having my heart played like a guitar,  but it doesn’t need to destroy your life.

I am holding out for a few more months before I can finally really begin to live my life, I mean I have absolutely no idea where or what I’m going to do but as long as I’m happy doing it, that’s all that matters.




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