21 signs you grew up in Essex (remove the shutuppp from your brain pls)

  1. You will always tell people you’re from London to save the agg.21126381_10155603412211953_5342428906605510656_n
  2. Actually being from Romford/Dagenham and not knowing to say if you were from Essex or Greater London.19371063_787223641450916_3675586772298891264_n
  3. Hardly anyone wore the stereotypical white heels, but every girl owned a pair of white converses with sparkled toes..
  4. Southend’s Adventure Island will always be Peter Pan’s Playground.Image result for adventure island southend-on-sea
  5. Never being allowed to actually swim in the sea at Southend due to the copious amounts of shyte being pumped into the water.20688820_1856321914384057_1376203569992040448_n.gif
  6. Jane Norman bags were the absolute bomb for school.
  7. You spent every friday and saturday night in Missoula and then stumbling across to Fiction – Hating everything about these two places but still proceeding to visit each week – Cameo was life though lets not lie. Related image
  8. Signs of growing up was when you were allowed to travel to Lakeside on your own and basically mooch in Claires and get a McDonalds.20859652_1765944446749048_8099659337812672512_n
  9. You still start all arguments or drunken rants with ‘I’m not being funny but’.20689065_1083253551811650_5533522833512071168_n.gif
  10. The Sugar Hut is just a hype filled with fake wankers who can’t dance in case an eyelash comes off.
  11. Constantly being asked if you know anyone from TOWIE, saying no, but knowing deep down someone is related to someone.
  12. Everyone knows someone who has bumped into Lee Evanswpid-LeeEvans091008_450x330.jpg
  13. You try and disguise your accent but with every swig of alcohol it slides out just a little bit more. 21742556_477573679295922_8577101272669224960_n
  14. You have nearly died driving around the Gallows Corner Roundabout just to get to the drive-thru Mcdonalds. Image result for gallows corner roundabout romford
  15. The love/Hate relationship you have with Essex – You hate it but you also can’t help but secretly love it.
  16. As much as you love the attention from being from Essex the Basildon Hollywood sign is just a little too much to deal with. Image result for basildon sign
  17. You have woken up after a nightout and mistaken a fake eyelash for a spider – Shit is scary.
  18.  Hurtful to say that TOWIE is actually quite a solid representation of Essex, Not all of Essex but a strong majority – Except we don’t all drive white 4×4, Im not entirely sure why they’re famous but they’re funny creatures.
  19. If you have an Essex girl supporting you in an argument you will never lose, we are a breed of ..fighters..
  20. Yes, Prosecco does take up a huge part of our lives.
  21. Not everyone is the stereotypical Towie blonde bombshell. Not everyone is on the Joey Essex spectrum (however dont get me wrong there are a lot of people who are) but Essex people are dam right hilarious and I am glad I grew up there. (and glad i left but still loves it).

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