My current obsessions – join the train quick because they only last a week sigh

We know how irritating current trends are, because if you’re anything like me then you will most likely be joining the band wagon a month later than everyone else. BUT HEY we get there eventually, and who just wants to follow trends right? (this is my excuse anyhoo). I have had a few emails about doing a post on my fashion and quite frankly its difficult because my fashion changes day to day, i dont have a ‘style’ as such but just a general style choice. So here are some of my current loves, lord knows how long they’ll last for but they’re currently my deffo go toes:

Chunky boots: These are my new babies and were only £6 from Primark!. My favorite outfit is to pair them with my fav mom jeans, brown belt and old white T.

blog2 blog

MOM jeans – Obviously.



BIG HAIR – okay so i have naturally huge hair, but have been straightening it since i can remember, now its time to unleash girls and smash it yaaaas.

Dungaree dresses – HELLA CUTE. I dont actually have any pictures of myself but here are the two i own, most commonly paired with a pair of tights, boots and a white T. (Both Primark ofc)

Image result for primark black floral dungaree dressImage result for primark black floral velvet dungaree dress




Naked face: (I know shocked me too, wont last but we try). With this comes tricks to survive a bare face without looking ming. My life saver is the TATTOO EYEBROW BY MAYBELLINE – ITS AMAZING OMG. The picture below is me with no makeup, purely this eyebrow tattoo.



Before:                                                          After:


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