Things i learnt about being twentyFUN – get it? Soz.

This is just my interpretation based on my life and having moved out and gone to University, everyone has different lives and shit em so don’t get stressed if you disagree, or you’re just about to turn 21 and i have frightened the life out of you, soz, loves ya.

  1. You realize you are unbelievably inept at the most basic of tasks: Washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning all seem like fairly basic principles in which we pick up at, you know, a fairly young age. YOU’RE WRONG. I found out last week that you could cook scrambled eggs in the microwave and it made my week – no more washing up a frying pan (yes). I also have a severe problem when it comes to washing, i will wait until i am literally out of underwear before i will even consider embracing the washing machine. Whats more ironic here is before i started uni i used to do my own washing weekly, now that i live alone i have grown a fear of washing machines –
  2. You would rather risk impending death than book your own doctors appointment: This is quite a bad one when i see it written down but seriously, I cant even answer phone calls let alone ring up the doctors and be organised enough to know when im free for an appointment. It’s too much id rather just wait and see if it gets any worse (in which case we phone mum). 
  3. Shit is expensive: This was one that we assume we already know and realize but NANA SISTA. I live in London, its pocket crippling expensive already, but things like broccoli and any form of meat that isn’t a freakish shade of grey is ridiculously priced. 
  4. You can no longer get away with not knowing what you’re doing: As mentioned above, when you’re 15 people expect you to not know how to cook or want to book your own doctors appointments, at 21, people are like how the feck do you not know how to make spaghetti vongole and i be like giphy 5. five friends is all you need: I have loads of friends, but I have about 8 people that i go out with on the regular and it is literally all i need. One big truth of being 21 is you realize theres a lot of arseholes in the world and being happy is not about quantity but the quality of your friends.

6. You dont have to have your life sorted and successful, you might need to grow up but you are still only 21 don’t forget that: You are an adult, and you should really be able to do your washing (cries) but 21 is still really young and there is still so much you can do with your life. Go travelling, fall in love, stay up late. These really are the best years. the clues in the horrific pun in my title but this is the year of 20fun so enjoy.123

7. You no longer hate your sister: My sister used to irritate the hell outta me but now she is honestly one of my best friends and i genuinely cannot remember the last time i argued with her, even though she has made my room her new walk in wardrobe whilst im at uni, but still love her, right. 

8. You become a lot more nostalgic: I now appreciate Disney movies more than i did when i was a child. Moana and Sing are just banging, they literally leave me in tears of laughter. I also went to see Steps live and it was just as amazing as 15 years ago. 

9. You learn who you are and when someones an arse: If i looked back at pictures of myself from when i was 18 to now i wouldn’t even be able to recognize myself. I am finally me and its great. You also meet a lot of different people, some great ones, some absolute toss pots, but thats just life and it becomes a lot easier to recognize people you should stay away from.

10. You stop caring about stupid shit: This for me is one of the most important and newest revelations i’ve had being 21. I quite frankly could no longer give a shit about what people think about me, i have my friends and thats all i need. I dont care what my instagram looks like, if i want to go out with no makeup or full makeup, if i want to get drunk on a monday evening. I legit could not give a shyte and the minute you stop caring what people think other than your actual friends, life gets a lot happier.

Happy 21ing guys.

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