The past is a place of reference; not residence (deep).

Those that know me, or read my blog know that I am partial to combining some of my sass and humor into my writing, thats just me, but recently the past been catching up with me and by Gosh is it irritating. I find the phrase ‘new year, new me’ eye wateringly cringe worthy, but the phrase new year new life is something I currently cannot agree with more. I am the same me i was last year, and i’m glad i am, but a new life and a new start is definitely welcomed with warm arms. Past relationships, life and drama have been interfering with my life and my happiness and its time to whip my hair back, put on some lipstick and sort out my shit. It is so mentally draining to continue holding on to painful pasts which need to be left in the past – hence its called the past, ironic that.

blog This quote literally sums up my exact feeling right now. You cannot change the past, so there is legit no reason to dwell on it and let it ruin current relationships/life. How can we let the past ruin our lives when we have an unlimited amount of sassy songs in which we can rant to? – i mean now we have Dua Lipa, the whole ball games changed (IDGAF – Dua Lipa, thank me later). Although it does take time to forget the past, everyone has different stories and pasts but for me and anyone else my age out there, I am 21, I am just about to graduate and the world is my oyster. Get drunk, eat the cake, wear that bikini and by god fall in love and fall like its your last day on earth – life is short lets not spend it dwelling over things we can’t change and focus on what we can.

Ps. I am well aware that this is a serious topic but I am writing this blog watching the music channel and Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s new song has come on and Bruno Mars is the creepiest bloke i’ve ever seen and i dont even know why, am i alone in this? Soz back to being reflective.

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