Life is like a box of chocolates – all sweet until someone gets coffee (ew)

Let me first just start this by telling you how long this post is taking me – firstly I am using my boyfriends Mac when I am one of those people still trapped in the 90`s when it comes to technology and 2 – his keyboard is set up in Swiss German format, to give you a little low down to what I mean the Y key is actually Z key, a hyphen is actually the question mark key and I haven’t even located the exclamation point yet. Im legit looking at a guide on the internet just to be able to punctuate this sentence. help. I mean why expect to get a y when you push the y key god. But anyway love holds no boundaries.

I would like to dedicate this blog to two different individuals in my life who have each had a somewhat ‘rough’ 2017 but have managed to pull through and be even more inspirational than before.

First up goes to my longest standing, best friend Elle.

Elle, you have always been a bloody handful and Im sure If your mum reads this she would deem that quite the understatement. You always had your own goals, own ideas and by god would you take your own way in life, quite literally shitting on the idea of normality – one of the main reasons I love you. I remember one extremely random afternoon, Im sat watching come dine with me with my mum and out of the blue phones you telling me your six months pregenant – haha what? (I do say out of the blue but I hope you realised I knew all along, I mean who stops smoking AND drinking like em).

As Elles pregnancy grew I began to realise just how different our life paths have taken us and yet we still manage to be just as close – I am due to graduate and travel the world and my bestfriend is celebrating the first birthday of her beautiful baby girl and has now just began a uni course which I am unbelievably proud of. Elle has taught me that life paths do not define or restrict us in anyway its just the way in which you deal with the cards you have been dealt. I am so unbelievably proud of my best friend and the most beautiful baby she created, even if you do have to go the massive drama queen way, but that is also a reason why I love you. Never change.


The second person I want to show some love to today is also one of my closest friends, Pritpal. This boy has been through some exciting times with me, watching all of my relationships, moving to uni, bombing my a levels, RE (anyone who was in my RE class with creepy mr short will just know, its an impossible task to explain). Long story short this boy has been through nearly every element of my life and we have literally grown up along side one another. AND he always smells absolutely banging, one million eat ya heart out. However, Prit you got the worst ever deal at life this Christmas by losing someone who I can’t even imagine what it would be like. Not only was it a surprise, but it was also at the worst possible time. You are literally the last person on earth who deserves something like that and seeing your face literally killed me. Pritpal you taught me to value each moment, each day because blow me it can all be over in a heartbeat. I am so proud of you for being strong for your little sister and pulling through this and im not sure how you did it, but your amount of courage is astonishing, and I know a certain woman who would be so proud of you.

In a somewhat reflective mood, I must preach that whatever is going on in your life, please just take a step back and really evaluate the situation, because for completely different reasons, my two bestfriends had complete, unplanned life changes last year and you never know whats going to happen next. Be happy, have fun and eat the dam cake.

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