Procrastination leads to beautiful things

As i’m sure you’re all now well aware that i am a third year student – the rants never end I do apologize – but yes however the work load has smacked me in the face like a wet flannel *is this a common saying, i have no idea, tonne of bricks? either way, it hurts.*  By avidly avoiding the wrath of my dissertation, my passion for art has sky rocketed and I have spent more time sketching anything i can physically see than to read another journal. This was my latest time waster, and actually I was quite proud, if you see me around London sketching caricatures for £5 then please help a girl out because the reading of the journals clearly didn’t improve.

big ben

I am also amazed at my inept-ability towards sociability skills, another form of my procrastination is the most common, brain rotter of scoping social media for hours on end – yet even though my phone never actually leaves my hand, I never seem to reply to any messages – which in itself I feel to be quite an achievement.

Well rant over, I feel better, am i going to read my journals? I’ll keep you updated in the life of Kate (I bet you 7 hand drawn and personalized caricatures I don’t).

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