It’s the end of an era

I have reached that wonderful, yet painstaking time of my life. I have four months left at uni, FOUR – what’s my excuse for getting unexplainably drunk on a Tuesday, eating nothing but pasta from a saucepan and being flat out broke? That’s right I no longer do *sigh.  I feel like I have been catapulted straight back into year 9, when we’re forced to pick our life futures at the age of 14 – wise moves. I am now 21 and am feeling the exact same pressure as poor little prepubescent Kate, except now instead of feeling like the world will end If I can’t choose between art GCSE or Business, I have a crippling student loan, bills to pay and the dream to just shoot off and travel the world, it’s a nice dream but currently a dream at best.

However, to stop those of you who are younger than me from wanting to jump off a bridge it’s not ALL doom and gloom. It’s a weird sense of achievement and fear rolled into one big bear hug – it’s totally overwhelming but comforting at best. I am finally free to follow my life, my dreams and let’s be a typical cringe teacher and re-aliterate ‘the world is my oyster’ – I don’t like oysters but I doubt we’re meant to take that literally.

On a positive, reflective, very third year student driven way, here are some of the more valuable life lessons I have learnt throughout my three years studying in London:

  1. You will fail, and the first time you do you will feel like a failure – ironic. But do not let this eat you up. In first year I was getting 50% in nearly every assignment and feeling, well, shit to say the least. But trust me by third year not only do you see a dramatic increase in grades, when you work your arse off and get 65% that is a win, shots all round.
  2. Friends come and go this was one of the more challenging but also rewarding parts of uni. I have lived in three flats throughout my duration here and some friends and flatmates I lost along the way and some have stuck by me since day one. That is part of uni life, you cling onto new people in fear of living alone, and then by third year having 5 strong friends is really all you need.
  3. You will always be broke, don’t stress Money was always a major stress in my life and the wise words of Kate will inform you all that money management will grow so fast and take over your body like a rash. I mean hells yes first year you will always blow £700 in freshers, that’s like a rite of passage. But after that resulting in you eating pot noodles for 4 months, you learn quickly.
  4. Everyone is in the same boat You’re not alone young fresher, everyone is doing and feeling the exact same as you and trust me It only gets better with time
  5. The jump from first year to third year is ridiculous – but amazing first year we was spoon fed, causing havoc and just having a great time. This is all shits and giggles until suddenly you have 3 months left (send help). Its inspiring to sit here writing this and realising how much I have grown up.
  6. Have an emergency sex clinic buddy You might be laughing at this one, but, you will need one. Forget thunder buddies, it’s all about the thunder clap (Essex readers, thank you, I thought that was funny too).
  7. Hangovers get worse I don’t know how I used to do it but I could drink consecutively for 4 nights straight and never miss one 9am, I go to bed at 10pm now and I still don’t make 9ams. I mean, help.
  8. Don’t abandon your family I know, like it was for me, the excitement to move out was so real. But please do not forget your family exist because you will at some point realise just how much they really do mean to you, and just how much you need them.
  9. Assignments the night before are not wise doings but not impossible I’m a living survivor of this one and trust me you will physically age 32 years, but it’s still possible (wise advice from Kate don’t do this guys yeh).
  10. You will realize a whole new you I am nothing like my 18 year old self, both in good and bad ways. But mainly good, all of my experiences throughout uni have made me who I am today and I’m quite confident to say I’m proud of myself and where I’m at and I only have high expectations of my life in the future.
  11. Uni shaped me as just mentioned but these last 3 years have seen some of the best times in my life so please do not waste it because you blink and its over. I am just so grateful I have friends that will continue my journey with me.

Here is my life in pictures starting from my last day of sixthform

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