MOM jeans – hells yes

I’m sure we’ve all seen the new fashion trend of the ‘mom’ jeans and when i first saw them i was not sold at all. like, just no. BUT i tried a pair on a few months ago and i literally eat my words. I have never found a more fitting and flattering pair of jeans for more than half the price of the ones i pay a topshop (being vertically challenged has always proven difficult when buying jeans sighs)

Both my pairs of Mom jeans i got from Primark and they are now my most favored item of clothing, i mean it took some getting used to and I’d stare in the mirror wondering if this was a trendy outfit or if I just look like a reject from Camden. But. i hope not. . . . I highly recommend buying these jeans they suit everyone, and i’m sure your mum will also be ecstatic when you come down the stairs ‘looking like i used to look back in the day’ – i mean hey my mum was rocking it in the 90’s, channeling that inner Rachel Green. Chuck on a brown belt and some boots and WOOSH

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