Forget freshers flu – Christmas flu is a killer

We’ve all heard of the freshers flu, striking down the poor, unfortunate students who have been living off a diet of pasta and budget wine for the past 3 months – an illness at which I joke about now, but I too, was succumbed to this flu and 18 year old Kate thought she was dying. Poor cherub.


But this is year I have discovered something worse, worse in so, so many ways. Firstly, I am now well aware that I am no longer 18, and although It will not stop me from strawpedo’in wine (a term whereby you down a drink through a straw in an inhumane amount of time), I will look like the epitome of death the next day – and I used to go out consecutively, how?

Secondly, Christmas at the King’s house involves so much Prosecco we should be sponsored. Christmas day was brought to life by Prosecco for breakfast, Prosecco for lunch and just Prosecco whenever. After this Prosecco bus being my life for the last 7 days, my first day back at work yesterday was rough. And I mean rough. It’s like when you go to a festival and drink consecutively for five days, thinking you’re fine, five minutes upon returning home BAM hangover. I am on day two of back to work and I am currently lying in bed feeling like I have swallowed a hedgehog and am remaining perfectly still to avidly avoid angering the chunder (sick – soz it’s an Essex thang) fairies. In the words of Wizzard (yes I am about to add this cheesy anecdote) – I wish it could be Christmas every day – so my hangover would never come.


Christmas flu exists guys. I’m a sufferer. Hopefully a survivor, but I’ll let you know.

Please send me your flu survival tips #savekate.

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