Hagrid’s 5ft1 little sister.

For anyone who knows me I was born with HUGE curly – well i say curly, more like a frizz explosion, slightly Hagrid looking – hair.h

I went through many a phase on styles and colours and I’m personally surprised I have any hair left at all, yet, I seemed to have managed to avoid the Britney 2007 bald epidemic..however we did come rather close with a platinum blonde dipdye disaster. Throughout my teens I often opted for the pin straight hair – why? but have now grown to embrace the friz..I say embrace..more along the lines of oh well who cares – at least I like beanies.

I have finally found products that manage to tame my hair the best that I can. My current favs are:

nJohn Frieda – Frizz Ease Serum

cJohn Fireda – Frizz Ease Mousse

2Argan Oil – no idea who its by you can find it in most supermarkets/drug stores.

Everyday with me I end up with completely different curls, ya never know what you’re gunna get! Please do leave me any tips, tricks or other products you fellow frizz fighters might know!



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