7 bottles of Prosecco, a cheeky bit of snow and 2 stone heavier.

So I have quite literally blinked and missed Christmas – see you again next year I guess? For me December is one of the busiest times, the whole of my life is put on hold until this one month where the cork pops and I have birthdays, Christmas, New years and Deadlines, it is quite literally a month where the phrase ‘wing it’ becomes my life motto. I was also succumbed to the wrath of being a broke student so spent most of my holidays working..for the experience..joyful, I mean i managed 4 solid days at home so at least that kept mum happy.

Since the 12th December when i turned 21, there seems to have been a bottomless supply of roast potatoes and Prosecco – could you imagine that, going into Nandos and having a refill prosecco? *she dreams. My mums suggestion of dry January, which once made my ears burn, is now not that unappealing. But maybe not the whole of Jan, maybe like dry weekday jan? only compromises right? I did however have an amazing birthday and Christmas, surrounded by family friends and a whole lot of giggles! I am not sure me, or my liver is quite ready for New Years Eve, or the 12hr shit that awaits me. BUT HEY PMA – i still get to wear a ridiculously sparkly jumpsuit – even if it is with flats, safety first now..

Here are a few images which I feel sum my December up quite nicely. Some are just un-explainable so roll with it.

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