Health is no joke – I almost ended up like Britney 08′ (going bald not the breakdown, yet)

Sorry for my recent absence I have been horrendously busy - too busy - reason why I'm going bald busy. Yeeeeeh, I know. It has come at quite a surprise to me that only a few months ago I had all the free time in the world; graduated from uni, was working normal hours (well... Continue Reading →

I’m socially awkward and it makes for hilarious reading.

Having been nicknamed the real life 'Bridget Jones' I began to wonder why? - upon reflection I can tell you know that I have never owned a nickname so character fitting in the whole of my life (except Jack Russel because Im tiny and feisty? rude?). Here are some of my top 'Bridget Jones' moments... Continue Reading →

what? I actually have free time now?

I tell you what it's by far the weirdest feeling, having gone from being overloaded with deadlines to having absolutely nothing to do, I go out and still feel guilty as though I should be doing something (this was the story of my life throughout uni, hell yes I'll still go out, will I feel... Continue Reading →

A new perspective

After having finished uni and finding myself in some what of a lull patch - no money, no job, lots of debt, wants to travel but needs a job, wants a break - lots of unanswered questions, I have adopted the 'sod it take each day as it comes' approach to life (it's okay the... Continue Reading →

Finishing uni and purple hair

FINALLY THE DAY HAS COME - I survived uni - hopefully with a first but I am just happy to have made it this far. No more dissertation. amen. SO..uni talk is over, no more ranting blog posts for meh (until I find something else in which to rant about which I'm sure will come... Continue Reading →

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